Please use this form to order flies. Simply fill in your information and enter the quantity of flies you want per size in the appropriate boxes and Submit at the bottom of the form. It will email us your Order and we will confirm inventory and contact you for confirmation and payment.

Flies are $3.25 each; One dozen minimum Order any mix. I reserve the right to limit quantities. Flies are packaged, labeled and shipped via Priority Mail unless otherwise requested. Buyer pays actual shipping charges.

I accept Visa, MasterCard, Cashier's Check, or Postal Money Order. Personal checks will be held for clearance. I do not sell online as I prefer to speak to you directly about your requirements. Please feel free to call us at 303-823-6402 or email mike@southcreekltd.com.

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Please choose the flies that you wish to order by entering the quantity(ies) in the boxes below. Use the scrollbar to scroll through all of the flies that are available.

Fly Pattern
Adams Parachute
Beetle Black
Beetle Bronze
Beetle Winged Black
Biot Gordon Hendrickson
Biot Gordon Hendrickson Parachute
Biot Gordon Hendrickson Spinner
Blue Quill
Blue Wing Olive
Blue Wing Olive Floating Emerger
Blue Wing Olive Nymph
Blue Wing Olive Parachute
Blue Wing Olive Sub Emerger
Caddis Quill Larva
Callibaetis Quill Dun
Colorado Green Drake
Damsel Dry Blue
Early Brown Stone
Eastern March Brown
Eastern March Brown Parachute
Flying Black Ant
Flying Cinnamon Ant
Hare's Ear Nymph
Hare's Ear Nymph Soft Hackle (weighted)
Hare's Ear Parachute
Hopper AK's
Light Cahill Emerger
Light Cahill Quill Dun
Light Cahill Quill Parachute
Light Cahill Spinner
Magic Midge Larva Tan
Melon Quill
Mices Shrimp
Midge Adult Black
Midge Adult Cream
Midge Adult Dun
Midge Adult Olive
Midge Emerger Black
Midge Emerger Cream
Midge Emerger Dun
Midge Emerger Olive
Midge Mating Black
Midge Mating Tan
Moose Mane Midge Larva Black
Moose Mane Midge Larva Cream
Moose Mane Midge Larva Dun
Olive Quill Dun
Olive Quill Parachute
Orange Scud
Pale Evening Dun
Pale Evening Dun Parachute
Pale Evening Dun Spinner
Pale Morning Dun (Frying Pan Pink )
Pale Morning Dun (Standard Color)
Pale Morning Dun Floating Emerger
Pale Morning Dun Nymph
Pale Morning Dun Parachute
Pale Morning Dun Sub Emerger
Pheasant Tail Nymph
Red Quill Dun
Red Quill NQ Spinner
Red Quill Parachute
Red Quill Spinner
Royal Wulff
Saint Vrain Caddis Olive
Saint Vrain Caddis Yellow
Spent Caddis Cream
Spent Caddis Olive
Stone Adult Black
Stone Adult Golden
Stone Nymph Black
Stone Nymph Golden
Stone Yellow Quill
Sulphur Quill Dun
Sulphur Quill Parachute
Trico Dun
Trico Parachute
Trico Spinner
Western March Brown