Steve Lohr

Hand Carved Wood Sculptures

I am pleased to be the exclusive source for Hand Carved, Hand painted, wooden fish sculptures by Steve Lohr of Longmont, Colorado. Commissions for custom facsimile of trophy fish accepted. Please call for details.

Westslope Cutthroat 16L x 9.5H Item #SL3 ~ $325 SOLD

Snake River Cutthroat 14.5L x 9H Item #SL2 ~ $325 SOLD

Arctic Grayling 14L x 9H Item #SL4 ~ $375

Cutthroat 12L x 9H Item #SL6 ~ $400 SOLD

Cutthroat 16L x8H Item #SL8 ~ $400 SOLD

"Lake Trout 17L x 10H Item #SL9 ~ $500

Large Cutthroat 17L x 10H Item #SL10 ~ $450 SOLD

Large Cutthroat 16L x 9H Item #SL11 ~ $450 SOLD

"The Run" Redwood Sockeye Salmon on a Walnut Stand 26L x 13H x 29W #SL12 ~ $1200


SLWestslopeCutthroat.jpg SLSnakeRiverCutthroat.jpg SLArcticGrayling.jpg SL61.JPG SL8.JPG SL9.JPG SL10.JPG SL11.JPG